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About Liquid Mixes

Founded in 2008, Liquid Mixes has fast become one of Australia’s premier music resources for established and aspiring artists. With its state of the art facilities, Liquid Mixes provides a unique range of services across the globe including Mastering, Engineering, Education and Consultancy across the entire spectrum of music at an affordable rate.

What makes Liquid Mixes unique is not only its affordable pricing but the advice its engineer provides. We believe there is no point in mastering a product that could be further improved, or a mix that needs a few polishing touches to it. It’s this service that Liquid Mixes provides, which improves the overall end result our clients receive.

Extending beyond its core competencies, Liquid Mixes provides mentoring and engineering support at all stages of the music creation process, particularly electronica. It’s this sharing of knowledge and idea’s that makes Liquid Mixes feel like more than just another place to get your work mixed, engineered or mastered.

And it doesn’t stop there. Liquid Mixes educational capabilities include the development of curriculum and training classes for Ableton in Australia. With an intricate knowledge of Ableton Live and Logic Studio, Liquid Mixes can detail changes that will really make your music shine above the rest.