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Ableton Certified Trainer

As part of our philosophy to provide our clients more than just mixing and mastering, Liquid Mixes have been responsible for the development of training curriculum to its partners Ableton and DJ Warehouse and DMC Records. Having developed the curriculum locally in Melbourne, our methodology has extended nationally, with the course being recognized globally by Ableton.

Some of the features of Ableton Live in our education program include

  • General Familiarization
  • Session Preparation
  • Sample Selection and Arrangement Creation
  • Sample box editing functions including Warping
  • Arrangement editing including audio effects, cut / copy / paste and automation
  • MIDI Arrangement for production and live performances
  • The use of software Instruments and MIDI
  • Advanced features such as the use and creation of FX racks and instrument racks
  • Track finalization with mixing and basic mastering techniques.

When we say we nurture your product end-to-end, we mean it. We don't just provide services to support the final mix of your music, but the creation process as well. So if you're looking for expert advice when creating your next hit whether it be Ableton, or Logic, you will feel comfortable in knowing that you’ve come to the right place.

Workshops & Seminars

What is Mixing

Mixing is adjusting all your volumes, FX, automation, compression and Equalization for each channel of your track to give it the best possible sonic balance.Plenty of producers are making great music at home but lack the technical know-how,experience, and the equipment when it comes to the mixing stage.Working with a track in a sonically unsound environment and without the appropriate monitoring presents the biggest challenge in itself for most producers.

Preparing your track for Mixdown

Exporting your track Mixdown in Ableton

Exporting your track for Mixdown in Logic

Collect All and Save

What is Mastering?

Mastering is the final studio step before the manufacture of CD's and vinyl albums.

This is achieved by contouring the EQ and overall dynamics (the difference between the loudest and quietest points in a recording) to make the production sound richer with a deeper quality for its final medium.

Liquid Mixes can make the difference between a good and a great record by polishing what is already there and providing a professional finish to your project

Exporting your track for Mastering

Sending your track for Mastering

Send us your song as DATA on a CD-ROM preferably 24-bit 44.1 Hz in WAV or AIFF format.

You can also simply send us your audio CD and we will convert it into the proper format for you.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind when preparing your songs for mastering :

  • The recording should NEVER hit or go above 0.0dBFS (Full scale)
  • Keep the level down to -3 to -6dB so that you don't run the risk of audio distortion
  • Turn off any dynamics processing,compression and/or limiting on the master output

Upon completion Liquid Mixes will provide you with a link to the MP3 of the mastered song for approval.(note - more than one revision per song will incur an additional charge)

When you are 100% satisfied with your song you can make payment via, cash, PayPal or bank transfer.

Reference masters will then be returned electronically or via post.

Here at Liquid Mixes, we pride ourselves not only on our skills and our studio, but our analogue and digital mastering and mixing equipment.


Well, because we feel that using both Analogue and Digital equipment is like a marriage between the emotional and technical aspects of our job. Analogue equipment brings out the warmth and character of your music, whilst our digital equipment delivers the precision our engineers require for an accurate end-result.

Just take a look at our wares, and I'm sure you'll be as impressed with it as we are...

  • Event Opals (monitors)
  • Prism Orpheus AD/DA
  • Mindprint DTC
  • Thermionic Culture Phoenix (mastering version)
  • Manley mini massive passive
  • Custom made passive volume monitoring
  • Mac pro 8 core
  • (2 x 2.26 quad core intel xeon)
  • UAD - 1 & 2 (All plug ins)
  • Logic studio
  • Ableton Live 8 Suite
  • Native Instruments Komplete 5

and more...

Over the past 14 years Danny Bonnici has been at the forefront of the world’s dance music scene. Working with his band Nubreed to bring people the sound of now, Danny has amazed audiences with his raw stage presence and crowd-pleasing performances. Now as a solo artist he’s truly coming into his own with I-DJ Mag, Ibiza Online and DJ Mag all signing praises for his world-class production/engineering & dj’ing.

What we know as true, they know also know: Danny delivers the goods; with his own style of dirty 4/4. Danny’s collaborative efforts saw him co-produce the 2003 hit “Ride” with friend Luke Chable, this tune was a huge hit in the scene giving Danny international recognition further to his efforts with Nubreed.

Danny’s tracks have featured on many labels ranging from Renaissance to Global Underground,YK4,MOB,Vicious Vinyl (the list goes on) and his tight productions have seen Danny nominated for a Dance Music Award and an Aria Award in previous years.

Danny is seen as an influential Australian Electronic music pioneer with a string of original and remixed works under his belt spanning from 1998 - 2014.His music has been played by the biggest Djs in the world including Sasha, John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo and too many more to even mention.

His gigs have taken him all of the world in the last 14 years headlining famous clubs such as Fabric in London and he has solidified many important relationships with industry heavyweights.

These days Danny finds himself experimenting with all types of genres and creating music for TVC’s, artists, and mixing and mastering for Aria winning artists such as “Kimbra”and ”Bertie Blackman".

He has been lecturing around Melbourne for years and was one of the first Ableton Certified trainers in the country with over 100,000 views on his youtube tutorials and over 500 subscribers to his youtube channel Danny has earned his title of one of the Godfathers of the electronic music scene.

Founded in 2008, Liquid Mixes has fast become one of Australia’s premier music resources for established and aspiring artists. With its state of the art facilities, Liquid Mixes provides a unique range of services across the globe including Mastering, Engineering, Education and Consultancy across the entire spectrum of music at an affordable rate.

What makes Liquid Mixes unique is not only its affordable pricing but the advice its engineer provides. We believe there is no point in mastering a product that could be further improved, or a mix that needs a few polishing touches to it. It’s this service that Liquid Mixes provides, which improves the overall end result our clients receive.

Extending beyond its core competencies, Liquid Mixes provides mentoring and engineering support at all stages of the music creation process, particularly electronica. It’s this sharing of knowledge and idea’s that makes Liquid Mixes feel like more than just another place to get your work mixed, engineered or mastered.

And it doesn’t stop there. Liquid Mixes educational capabilities include the development of curriculum and training classes for Ableton in Australia. With an intricate knowledge of Ableton Live and Logic Studio, Liquid Mixes can detail changes that will really make your music shine above the rest.