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Pappa, Bonnici & PhilK

Awesome work, When it comes to mastering Bonnici is the master Anthony Pappa

Tomas Ford

I was really happy with Danny's mastering of my Bash Myself EP; despite the remixes all being in very different styles, it hangs together consistently and his work really added some spit polish to my production as well. The EP and video has gone on to a great critical response and airplay on radio around the country. The mastering was done promptly and professionally, and I thoroughly recommend his services to anyone. Tomas


Liquidmixes provided very prompt and quality mastering for Disconekta records, and seemed to have a deep knowledge of electronic music, and the specifics of mastering it. Dion

Psyanide System

Cheers Danny for mastering the tracks for my ep, really brought out some of the finer detail's and the less than 24 hour turnaround was a bonus! - Psyanide System

Tim Sensient

"Good results and great value, will be using him again" Tim Sensient

Darius Bassiray

"Danny did a great job with the mastering for El Camino. Rather than just taking the original master and just working with it as is - he took the time to identify specific things in the mix that could be improved prior to mixing it down , then mastered it based on these improvements with great results. Darius Bassiray

Pink Silver



Fabian Gray & Emanuele

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