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I've been blessed to have worked with Danny numerous times over the years.

I actually played drums for his band Nubreed back in 03 and thats when I realised what a don he is.

Not only is he an absolute pleasure to kick it with, he actually is one of the few people I know with "golden ears".

Whilst living interstate or touring, I would send him my finished tunes in stem form and without fail the final mix would sound next level.

Since relocating to Melbourne we mixed down my album, EP and a handful of remixes together (usually I just sat behind him on twitter) and well, I'll let the tunes speak for themselves.

Danny is a true living legend in and out of the studio

Liquid Mixes all the way baby!!!


Using Danny to master our new remixes was a great experience. He listens to what you want and knows how to get the results. Efficient and a great pair of ears! Jamie Stevens

Bertie Blackman

When it comes to mastering anything for the dance floor, Danny Bonnici is the man. His years of experience gives our remixes that final sparkle and world class feel James Ware Forum 5

Dirty Laundry


I've had the pleasure of working with Danny on quite a few of our key projects and found him to be extremely reliable and the quality of his work is always very high... If I were to rate his mastering output as a record review, I'd give him 5 dancing men... Tom Pandzic

Sarah Mcleod




Working with Danny is an absolute dream, I love having the choice of emailing or going into the studio but no-matter what I do the masters always sound amazing. Beat Geek


"not only masters but advises you on hints tips and tricks to better your mixes.Wont use anybody else Motek
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